Rural Development and Panchayath Raj – Karnataka Grama Swaraj and Panchayath Raj Act 1993 and Rules with AmendmentsThe Questi

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 16. Which part of the constitution deals with the Panchayats ?

 (A) Part IX
 (B) Part X
 (C) Part XI
 (D) Part VIII
17. The Mysore Village Panchayats and Local Boards Act was passed in the year :

 (A) 1951
 (B) 1957
 (C) 1955
 (D) 1959

18. The reservation of seats in gram panchayat membership given to SCs, STs, OBCs and
Women cannot exceed :
 (A) 33%
 (B) 50%
 (C) 67%
 (D) 75%
19. Which of the following Gram Panchayat is ranked first in Gram Panchayat Human Development Index (GPHDI) in Karnataka ?
 (A) Aikala
 (B) Srikantapura
 (C) Amdalli
 (D) Ujire
20. A Zilla Panchayat member should submit his resignation to
 (A) CEO, Zilla Panchayat
 (B) Adhyaksha, Zilla Panchayat
 (C) Deputy Secretary, Zilla Panchayat
 (D) Deputy Commissioner
21. Salary of the President, Zilla Panchayat is fixed at
 (A) ` 1,500 per month
 (B) ` 1,800 per month
 (C) ` 1,000 per month
 (D) ` 2,250 per month
22. In the absence of President and Vice– president of a gram panchayat _____ will discharge the functions of the President.
 (A) Panchayat Development Officer
 (B) President, Taluk Panchayat
 (C) Executive Officer, Taluk Panchayat
 (D) Chairman, Social Justice Committee
23. In which one of the following states does Panchayati Raj exist ?
 (A) Manipur
 (B) Meghalaya
 (C) Nagaland
 (D) Mizoram
24. An elected gram panchayat member has to declare his/her assets and liabilities within _____ of election.
 (A) 3 months
 (B) 4 months
 (C) 6 months
 (D) 9 months
25. Procedure followed in electing a candidate for gram panchayat when equal number of votes have been polled by two contestants is :
 (A) Re–election
 (B) Lottery
 (C) Decision of Deputy Commissioner
 (D) Decision of the returning officer
26. The notice for conduct of a special meeting of taluk panchayat should be served before
 (A) 15 days
 (B) 10 days
 (C) 8 days
 (D) 7 days
27. Reservation of seats for women in Panchayati Raj Institutions seeks to ensure / ಩ೊಂಚಹಮತ್
 (A) Economic welfare of women
 (B) Gender development
 (C) Participation of women in public life
 (D) Education Development

28. The Chief Planning Officer for a Zilla Panchayat is appointed by the
 (A) President of Zilla Panchayat
 (B) Deputy Commissioner
 (C) State Government
 (D) Central Government

29. The President of a gram panchayat is entitled to a honorarium of _____ per month.
 (A) ` 250
 (B)` 300
 (C) ` 500
(D) ` 750
30. The term of office of the member of a taluka panchayat is
 (A) three years
 (B) four years
 (C) five years
 (D) six years
31. The minimum amount of drinking water recommended to be supplied in rural areas is _____ per day.

 (A) 40 litres per capita
 (B) 55 litres per capita
 (C) 60 litres per capita
 (D) 50 litres per capita

32. For any reason, if a taluka panchayat committee is dissolved, re–election is to be held within
 (A) 3 months
 (B) 5 months
 (C) 6 months
 (D) 2 months

33. The quorum of a Gram Sabha is
 (A) 10% of voters
 (B) 20% of voters
 (C) 10% of Gram Panchayat Population
 (D) 20% of total population
34. The duties and responsibilities of a Zilla Panchayat Chief Accounts Officer are explained under :
 (A) KPR 1996 Articles 25 & 30
 (B) KPR 1996 Articles 26 & 27
 (C) KPR 1996 Articles 26 & 29
 (D) KPR 1996 Articles 25 & 27

35. The District Planning Committee of Zilla Panchayat is chaired by
 (A) Chief Executive Officer
 (B) Deputy Commissioner
 (C) Adhyaksha of ZP
 (D) Chief Planning Officer
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1. The dowry will soon be a thing of the past in our country. (disagree)
 (1) No. It cannot
 (2) No. It won’t
 (3) No. It does not
 (4) No. It has not

Answer:  (2) No. It won’t
2. It injures the girl’s self-respect, puts her family to great financial strain and debases the man’s
attitude towards his wife. (agree)
 (1) Yes. It does
 (2) Yes. It is
 (3) Yes. It has
 (4) Yes. It cannot

Answer:  (1) Yes. It does
3. What about parents, politicians and officials ? Should they also behave properly ? (agree)
 (1) No. They cannot
 (2) Yes. They can
 (3) Yes. They must
 (4) Yes. They should
Answer:  (4) Yes. They should

Directions : Each of the question from 4-7 has four sentences in the form of four options. You have to identify the most appropriate sentence out of them and mark the corresponding answer in your answer sheet.
4. (1) He is gifted with a talent for painting.


1. In a thread the surface joing the cres and the root is called its
a) Pitch
b) Plank 
c) Depth 
d) Creast
Answer:b) Plank 

2. What coolant is used for drilling the aluminium job?
(a) Mineral oil
(b) Kerosene
(c) Soluble oil 
(d) Dry air 
Answer:(b) Kerosene

3. The other name of screw pitch gauge is
a) Pitch gauge 
b) Slip gauge
c) Thread gauge 


Scientific Officer (Chemical Branch) in FSL in the Dept. of Police Examination Question Answers- Held on 14/11/2016
1. Who among the following is credited to have established the world’s first Forensic Science Laboratory ?
 (1) Mathieu Orifilla
 (2) E.R. Henry
 (3) Edmond Locard
 (4) Colonel Calvin Goddard
Answer:  (3) Edmond Locard

2. The branch of Forensic Science that studies the motion of projectiles in air, along with a few other areas is called :
 (1) Forensic Pneumatology
 (2) Forensic Ballistics
 (3) Forensic Biology
 (4) Forensic Psychology
Answer:  (2) Forensic Ballistics

3. Lie detector is also called by another name
 (1) Polygraph
 (2) Polygon


1. What step takes fluid viscosity into account during hydraulic system tests?
- Running the engine at the specified speed.
- Checking the oil level and condition.
- Warming the hydraulic fluid to operating temperature.
- Starting the test with an open flow control in the flow meter.

2. What must be done when changing a landing gear assembly?
- Time the gears.
- Perform alignment.
- Match the lifting capacity.
- Match the operating heights.

3. What is done to adjust a fifth wheel hitch?
- Measure jaw wear with a go/no-go gauge.
- Close jaw mechanism on a test pin and remove slack.


Question 1:-Piece of brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half the length and half the width of a full brick is known as
 A:-Queen closer
 B:-King closer
 C:-Bevelled closer
 D:-Half bat
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question 2:-Which among the following substance is most elastic ?
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

Question 3:-Newtons I law of motion gives the concept of


Question 1:-Special consent is not for.
 A:-Surgical procedure
 B:-Discharge against medical advice
 C:-Induced abortion
 D:-Diagnostic investigation and treatment
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question 2:-Daily task list is ..............
 A:-List of number of records retrieved daily
 B:-Number of patients transferred from ICU and ward
 C:-Employees shift schedule
 D:-Simple record of time spent on various major activities throughout the working days
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question 3:-Upon receipt of a subpoena duces tecum, which of the following should be removed from the medical record
 B:-Consent forms
 C:-Nurses notes
 D:-Graphic reports