1. Heavy motor vehicles like trucks run on
a. Greece
b. Kerosin
c. Coal
d. Diesel

Answer: d. Diesel

2. Inexhaustible natural resources in nature are
a. limited
b. very common
c: unlimited
d. very rare

Answer: c: unlimited

3. CNG is
a. Highly polluting

b. Not at all polluting
c. Less polluting
d. Not recommended

Answer: c. Less polluting
4. Petrol and diesel can be obtained from 
a. Coal tar 
b. Petroleum 
c. Coal 
d. Gas

Answer: b. Petroleum 

5. Resources which are limited in nature are Known as
a. Unnatural
b. Inexhaustible
c. Exhaustible
d. All the above

Answer: c. Exhaustible

6. Which of the following is an exhaustible natural resource?
a. Air and water
b. Water
c. forest
d. Soil

Answer: c. forest

7. Which of the following is / are fossil fuels?
a. Petroleum
b. Coal
c. Natural gas
d. All the above

Answer: d. All the above

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