1. Dart is mainly used for ___________
(a) shape
(b) design
(c) drape

2.Drafting is done on __________Side of the paper.
(a) Fain
(b) Smooth
(c) rough
(d) Dark

3 Which of the following is used for drawing curved shapes in drafting ?
(a)L square
(b) french curve

(c) scale

4. Meaning Of AQL is –
(a) Absolute quality leangth
(b) Accurate quantity level
(c) Absolute quantity leangth
(d) Accurate quality level

5. Which of the following is used to draft perpendicular lines ?
(a) L square
(b) tape
(c) scale

6. 0-2 needle is used for –
(a) Georgette
(b) blanket mattress

(c) cotton fabric
(d) none of these

7. Which tool is used to transfer the pattern making?
(a)  thimble
(b)Tracing wheel
(c) snippers

8.The tucks used for decoration is___________.

a)pin tuck
b)groups tuck
c)scalloped tuck

9. Which of the following tool is worn on middle finger and is used to protect the finger ?
(a) clipper
(b) bodkin
(c) Thimble

10.Measurement of gents figure is ___________
(a) Top To waist 3 to3/4 head
(b) Waist to hill 4 head
(c) Both a&b

11. Which of the foolowing has sharp,curved edge for cutting seams open and a point for picking
out threads?
(b) stiletto
(c) thimble

12. A stitch gets a miss due to-
(a)  excess starch
(b)Thick tip of needle up
(c)needle held high in position

13 Which of the following is used to punch hole in the fabrics ?
a) needle threader
b) stiletto
c) bodkin

14.Kmt and perl stitch is made by-
(b) Embroidery and needle
(c) stitching
(d)all of these

15. Which of the following is used to press the collar points ?
(a) sleeve board
(b) needle board
(c) point presser

16. Zig –zag attachment is used for –
(a) Making of cutting edge
(b) Binding stitch
(c) Picko and double over cast slitch
(d) All of these

17. Tucks are mainly used for __________
(a) stiffness
(b) drape
(c) decoration

18. Identify the dart type used in fitted ladies kameez
(a) contour
(b) full
(c) fish

19. Liven is a bind of _____________
(a) Filer
(b) seam
(c) Thred
(d) Fabric

20. While working on machine , light should come form –
(a) Right side
(b)  Left side
(c) Right and Left
(d) none of these 

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