The following are the sports related questions may be asked in SBI Clerk recruitment Examination

1) Which country got First Rank in London Olympics 2012

a) India

b) United States of America

c) Great Britain

d) People's Republic of China

2) Total Number of Bronze won by United States of America in London Olympics

a) 104

b) 88

c) 65

d) 140

3) In the following Countries Which country wasn't won even one Medal in London Olympics

a) Afghanistan

b) Pakistan
c) India

d) Saudi Arabia

4) Who is the highest medal winner athlete

a) LOCHTE Ryan

b) HMANGTE Chungneijang Mery Kom

c) PHELPS Michael

d) Vijay Kumar

5) In the following Countries which country got 79th Rank in London Olympics

a) India

b) Republic of Moldova

c) Singapore

d) Tajikistan

6) What is the Birth place (State) of of Sushil kumar (athlete- Wrestling)

a) Karnataka

b) Delhi

c) Haryana

d) Goa

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