Following general questions may be asked in SBI written test,

1) Reserve Bank of India established in the year

a) 1955

b) 1947

c) 1935

d) 1950

2) The Total area of India is

a) 3,166,414 Sqare KM

b) 1,166,401 Sqare KM

c) 2,313,000 Sqare KM

d) 123,112 Sqare KM

3) Who is the Secretary-General of the United Nations (1 January 2007– present)

a) Gladwyn Jebb

b) Ban Ki-moon

c) Kofi Annan

d) Boutros Boutros-Ghali

4) The Population of India is 

a) 121 Crores

b) 100 Crores

c) 137 Crores

d) 112 Crores

5) State Bank of India founded on

a)  1 July 1950

b)  1 July 1935

c)  1 July 1973

d) 1 July 1955

6) State Bank of India branches are there

a) Only in India

b) World wide

c) Pakistan and India

d) Germany and India

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