1) Which of the following is called the ‘shrimpcapital of India’?
A) Mangalore
B) Nagapatnam
C) Coimbatore
D) Nellore
E Kochi

2) The longest bone in the human body is
(A) Ulna
(B) Stapes
(C) Femur
(D) Tibia
E) Humerus

3) According to the latest ‘Education Development Index’ based on a series of surveys conducted by the National
University of Education, Planning and Administration and released in February, 2011, the state with the highest Development Index is

A) Gujarat
B) Kerala
C) Karnataka
D) Tamil Nadu
E)  Punjab

4) The maximum limit on poll expenditure for parliamentary constituencies has been raised in February, 2011 to

A) 50 Thousand
B) 35 lacks
C) 40 lacks
D) 50 lacks
E) 30 lacks

5) In the Railway Budget for 2011-12, an outlay of Rs. 57,630 crore has been announced for adding new lines with length of

A) 1000 km
B) 1200 km
C) 1300 km
D) 1500 km
E) 2000 km

6) The optimum dissolved oxygen level (in mg/litre) required for survival of aquatic organisms is
A) 4-6
B) 2-4
C) 8-10
D) 12-16
E) 1-4

7) Who was the architect of North and South Blocks of the Central Secretariat in Delhi?

A) Sir Edward Lutyens
B) Robert Vaske Jul
C) Robert Tor Russell
D) Antonin Raymond
E) Hebert Baker

8) Who invented the Jet Engine?
A) Karl Benz
B) Sir Frank Whittle
C) Thomas Savery
D) Karl Mark Antony
E) Michael Faraday

8) The Refrigerant ‘FREON’ is
A) Sulphadoxime Hydrochloride
B) Difluoro Dichloro Methane
C) Fluorspar and Felspar
D) Hydrofluosilicic acid
E) Calcium Tetra Fluoride

9) The reserve held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called

A) Reserve Commerce
B) Deposit reserves
C) Excess reserves
D) Momentary reserves

E) Cast reserves 

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