1. Equillibrium in distribution of Power is
a) Collective Security
b) Balance of Power 
c) Diplomacy 
d) Balance of Terror 

2. Allaiances and …………………. 

a) Disarnament 
b) Counter alliance 
c) Security 
d) Power 

3. “One for all and all for one” said by 

a) Morgenthau 
b) Palmer 
c) Laswell 
d) Laski 

5. Partition is method of
a) Balance of Power 
b) Collective Security 
c) Diplomacy 
d) Foreign Polic 

4. A State Located in between two Super Powers 
a) Neutral Zone
b) Buffer Zone 
c) Trust area 
d) Nation State 

6. The Machinery for joint action 
a) Balance of Power 
b) Collective Security
c) Foreign Policy 
d) Diplomacy 

7. The First test case of collective Security Was 
a) Afgan case
b) Gulf War 
c) Korea 
d) Ghana 

8. Uniting for peace resolution was in 
a) 1945 
b) 1950 
c) 1953 
d) 2013 

9. “A Mutual Insurance Plan 
a) Foreign Policy 
b) Diplomacy 
c) Collective Security 
d) Bofp 

10. Nepolean said the F.P of a Country is shaped by……………. 
a) History 
b) Sociology 
c) Geography 
d) Boundary

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