1. Mid day meal scheme
(1) has solved the problems of pupil's hunger
(2) has reduced the dropout rate
(3) has checked unemployment problem
(4) has improved the health of the school children

2. Medical checkup camps are to be organized in schools regularly because
(1) children can meet the specialist doctors
(2) teachers can be aware of health conditions of their pupils
(3) to remove the fear of doctors among children
(4) eradication of unemployment problem of graduate from meddicine

3. Physical education in schools should be emphasised
(1) beacause it brings employment opportunities to physical education graduates
(2) children can play well
(3) to provide leisure between lessons
(4) by providing physical education health of the children improves

4. Whenever a chlid pronounces a word wrong while learning he should be
(1) punished
(2) allowed
(3) prevented
(4) sent away

5. The Dept. of Education in Karnataka has recently launched a programme to enhance the self esteem of school going girls
(1) 'Spandana'
(2) 'Prerana'
(3) 'Meena'
(4) 'Bhagyalakshmi'

6. Chlidren begin to leari consevation of number, length and basic quantity notions during age interval of
(1) 14-16
(2) 7-11
(3) 12-14
(4) 2-7

7. This is the most suitable method of teaching environment education in schools
(1) Lecture
(2) Activity
(3) Making Children to by heart concept of environment
(4) Direct observation

8. Awarding grades in place of marks
(1) has helped to remove unhealthy competition among children
(2) has enhanced the anxiety of the parents
(3) is responsible for lowering achievement motivation among pupils
(4) has made evelution easier

9. This is the provision to be made for differently abled children
(1) opening of special schools
(2) separate arrangement to be made in the classroom
(3) appointment of special teachers
(4) access to inclusive education

10. providing access to education
(1) is parental responsibility
(2) is the responsibility of the State Govt.
(3) is the joint responsibility of the State and Central Govts.
(4) is the responsibility of the teachers

11. Sarvashiksha Abhiyan means
(1) Early childhood education
(2) Centrally sponsored scheme
(3) A punishment campaign for all
(4) Free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 yrs.

12. in males, adolescence ordinarily convers the age interval
(1) 12-19
(2) 14-25
(3) 10-17
(4) 7-11

13. Recent programme that is implemented by the State Govt. to improve learning of the school children.
(1) promotion of all children
(2) remedial teaching
(3) activity oriented teaching
(4) semester method

14. Learning without burden means
(1) The burden of textbooks is reduced
(2) The burden of school bag is reduced
(3) The work load of teachers is reduced
(4) The physical and psychological burden is reduced.

15. In piagat’s theory. Cognitive development involves operations which mental actions that are
(1) reversible
(2) irreversible
(3) sequential
(4) additive

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