1. The impurity element which can be obtained p-type impurity is?
A. a.Phorsphorous b. Arsenic
 c. Antimory d. Aluminium

2. The electronic component which is used in voltage regulator is.
A. a. Diode b. Transistor
 c. super conductor d. Intrinsic semiconductor

3. Under the reverse biasing of a diode, the p-type and n-type semiconductors are connected to these terminals of a battery respective.
A. a. +ve and -ve terminals b. -ve and +ve terminals
 c. -ve and -ve terminals d. +ve and +ve terminals

4. If IE is emitter current, IB is box current and IC is collector
current, their relation is given by.
 a. IE= IB = IC b. IE= IB + IC c. IE= IB - IC d. IB= IE + IC

5. The temperature at which the resistance of a conductor is
A. a. Ideal temperature
 b. Critical Temperature
 c. Absolute Temperature
 d. All the above 

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