1. The kickstart in petrol engine would produce
(a) High pressure inside the cylinder
(b) Low pressure inside the cylinder
(c) Ignites the fuel in intake stroke
(c) Sends the waste gases out of cylinder

2. The efficiency of a heat engine is 40%. If you want to get a work of
200KJ, the amount of heat energy to be supplied is
(a) 200KJ (b) 500KJ (c) 2000KJ (d) 800KJ

3. The main reason that steam engine cannot be used in small vehicles is
(a) Less efficiency (b) More cost
(c) Bulky by structure (d) Chance of bursting

4. The reason, that diesel engine is preferred to petrol engine is
(a) Comparatively petrol does not undergo combustion completely
(b) Cost of petrol is more
(c) Diesel engines cost more
(d) Petrol releases more energy than diesel

5. Which of the following is not an application of Doppler effect?
(a) Estimating the speed of aeroplanes
(b) Detecting vehicles crossing the speed limit
(c) Discovery of double stars
(d) Mixing immiscible substances like oil and water

6. Doppler effect on sound is observed as a change in its
(a) Pitch (b) Velocity
(c) medium of propagation (d) amplitude

7. A device which uses ultrasonic waves to measure the distance direction
and speed of under water object is
(a) ultrasound scanner (b) sonar
(c) transmitter (d) detector

8. Which of the following is true? When celestial bodies are moving away
from us
(a) The frequency of light emitted by the body decreases
(b) No doppler effect due to light is observed
(c) The light emitted by the body appears bluish
(d) Wavelength of light emitted decreases

9. A radar gun works on the principle of :
(a) Doppler effect due to light
(b) Raman effect
(c) Doppler effect of sound
(d) Doppler effect of radiowaves

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