1. Time period(T) and frequency(n) of the wave are related by
a) T = n 
b) T=1/n 
c) n/T=1
d) nT = 2

2. The following is an example for non-mechanical waves is
a) Sound waves b) electromagentic wave
c) Water waves d) Tides

3. The relation among wavelength (λ) frequency (n) and wave
velocity is
a) V=n/λ b) nλ=n 
c) v=λ/n d) v=nλ

4. Any object of hing by a thread is
 a) Simple pendulem b) bob
 c) weight d) Rigid body

5. The periodic deturbance at a point in a medium is
 a) motion b)wave 
c)kinetic energy d. Friction

6. An example for transverse wave
 a. Sound waves 
b) straight motion of a spring
 c. Vibration of molecules in air
 d. Electromagnetic radiation. 

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