1. The energy from the sun reaches us in the form of
(a) Atoms (b) photons 
(c) particles (d) sound

2. Solar collections are used in
(a) Heating water (b) cooking food
(c) deslaynisation of sea water (d) all the above

3. Solar panels used in traffic signals work on the principle of
(a) Electrolysis (b) Photosynthens
(c) Photoelectric effect (d) Chemical combination

4. The following cities of India may be suitable for installing wave energy source
(a) Bangalore (b) Delhi 
(c) Mangalore (d) Hyderabad

5. The major contributor in producing energy from waste in towns and cities is
(a) Sugar industry (b) Paper industry
(c) Domestic waste (d) All the above

6. Bio mass is considered as a renewable sourced energy if
(a) more and more plants are cut periodically
(b) more and more animals all killed periodically
(c) more and more plants are grown periodically
(d) old plants are saved and no new plants are grown

7. The escape velocity of an object with respect to earth is
 a) 11.2 km/s b. 11.2 m/s 
c.12.1 m/s d. 9.8m/s

8 . Payland is a
 a) fuel b)oxidiser
 c) Scientific instruement d) Engine

9. Aryabhata ia a/an
 a) Rocket c) Artificial satellite
 c) National satelliete d) Space craft.

10. The radius of the orbit of Geostationary satellite is
 a. 3600 km b. 36000m
 c. 36000 km d. 11.2 km

11. If you are living in North pole, the type of alternate source of energy,
you cannot use is
(a) Geothermal energy (b) Solar collections
(c) Wind mill (d) All the above

12. 'Swatch Bharath Abhiyan' can also target the production of energy
(a) Industrical waste (b) Domestic waste
(c) Muncipal waste (d) Chemical waste

13. One major advantage of Geothermal energy over other alternate source
of energy is
(a) It can be harvested throughout the year
(b) It is cheap
(c) It can produce more energy
(d) It can be produced everywhere

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