1. Which of the following is not a biomass energy source
 a) Gobar gas b) Coal
c) Dry wood d) Nuclear energy

2. Minimum speed of wind to operate generator to produce
electricity is
 a)8mls b) 25mls
 c) 30mls d) 100 mls

3. Which the place in India where wind mills are aplenty is
 a) Kanyakumari b) Meerut
 c)Bengaluru d) Jaduguda

4. Geothermal energy has a temparature about
 a) 5000C b) 3000C
 c) 130000C d) 13000C

5. Geotherma energy is obtained from the heat present at
depth of
 a) 10Km from surface of earth.
 b) 20 Km from the surface of the earth.
 c) 1300 Km from surface of earth.
 d) 40 Km from the surface of the earth.

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