1. Among the following which conducts electricity through it is 

a) Aqueous KCl 
b) Sulphur in liquid phase 
c) Diamond 
d) Wood

2. Indentify the correct sequence of organism in the food chains

A. grass  froghawk snake grasshopper

B. Frog grass hawks snakes 

C. grass  grasshopperfrog snake  hawksgrasshopper

D. snakes hawks grass grasshopper frog

3. Identify the parts which is incorrect

A) Buecal cavity  -  Pancreatic Juice 
B)  Liver -  Bile 
C) Stomach  -  gastric glands 
D)  Small Intestine -  Intestinal Juice

4. ICRISAT is  

A) Satellite 
B) International university 
C) Institutle related to pharma industry.
D) International crop research institute

5. We confirm the presence of starch by adding

A) iodine changes to red colour 
B)  iodine changes to blue black clour 
C) iodine chages to Brown colour
D) Iodine changes to green clour

6. Which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy: 

 A) Motor 
B) Galvanometer
C) Solenoid 
D) Generator 

7. Which of the following fossil fuel is used in thermal power stations?

A) Diesel
B) Petrol 
C) Kerosene
D) Coal

8. Galena is an ore of 

a) Pb
b) Hg 
c) Al 
d) Zn

9. Soap is dissolved in water .................

a) Colloidal solution 
b) Acidified solution
c) Colloidal Suspension 
d) True solution 

10) The process is used to separate the impurities of sulphide ore

A) Froth flotation 
B) Magnetic Separation
C) Washing 
D) Hand picking 

11) Take three test tubes A,B,C 2ml. of ethonoic Acid is added to each test tube and add 

2ml, 4ml, 8ml, water to it. In which test tube will have a clear solution

a) Only A 
b) Only B and C 
c) Only A and B 
d) All Test tubes

12) AC is more convenient for transmission then D.C Because:

A)AC can be rectified 
B)AC can be produced easily
C)Thin Conductors can be used 
D)It’s safest

13) Strong covalent bond can be formed:

A) O2 
B) H2 
C) N2 

14) “F ” Orbital can be found in the following orbit.

A) K 

15) The relation between power of the lens and focal length of the lens is ...........

A) 2p=f
B)  p=f 
C) 2f=p 
D) p=1/f

16. Why paraffin is poured in yeast is the experiment related to anaerobic  respiration?

 A) to cut off the supply of oxygen from air
 B) to prevent carbon dioxide escape from the yeast.
 C) to prevent escape yeast from the solution.
 D) to supply more oxygen from air

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