1. The lord of Tartary wanted trumpeters everyday to
a. Entertain him
b. Put him to sleep.
c. Summon him to have meal
d. Announce his arrival to the court

2. “The camel is the ship of the desert”.
a. Simile
b. Personification
c. Metaphor
d. Alliteration

3. We must get up early in the morning. The word “early’ is
a. An adverb
b. A verb
c. An adjective
d. A noun

4. The word that takes the prefix ‘un’ is
a. fortune
c. understand
b. done
d.  respect

5. Why __________ Pramukh go to Mysore yesterday ?
a.  Does
b. Did
c. Do
d. Was

6 . What kind of a girl was Daksha ?
a. Wise 
b. Innocent
c. God fearing 
d. Ignorant
7. God moves in a mysterious way
a. To show him strength
b. To do wonders.
c.  To teach a lesson to man 
d. To help man

8. One word for “a person trained to travel in a space craft”, is
a. Astronaut
b. Scientist
c. Astronomer
d. Traveler

9. Vikram Sarabhai read about the achievement of great scientists. This shows that he
a. Did not like to waste time
b. Liked scientists
c. Was fond of books
d. Has great interest in Science

10. What made the guards allow Daksha’s father enter the palace ?
a. He showed them a basket full of mangoes. 
b. He showed them the permission letter
c. He requested them in a polite way. 
d. He presented them some mangoes.

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