* Reserve Bank of India has signed a MOU with which of the following banks on Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information?
a) State Bank of India
b) Nepal Rastra Bank
c) Karnataka Bank
d) State Bank of Mysore

Answer: b) Nepal Rastra Bank

* Who has been appointed as the New Chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI)?
a) Suresh Patil
b) Ravi Agarval
c) Hormusji N Cama
d) Narayan Abhyankar

Answer: c) Hormusji N Cama

* Which of the Indian State has ranks first in the list of the World Bank’s report Assessment of State Implementation of Business Reforms?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Gujarat
d) Karnataka

Answer: c) Gujarat

* 11th Indo-US Economic Summit is hosted at__________.
a) France
b) Bangalore
c) America
d) New Delhi

Answer: d) New Delhi

* Name the Water Policy Expect who has instrumental in drafting India’s 1st National Water Policy in 1978?
a) Ramaswamy R. Iyer
b) Ramakrishna Shastri
c) Venu Gopal
d) Suryachandra
Answer: a)  Ramaswamy R. Iyer

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