1. Name the first president of the Travancore
State Congress
A. Pattom Thanupillai
B. K. Kelappan
C. K. Madhavan Nair
D. K. P. Kesava Menon

2. Social Science is a common core comprising history of India's freedom movement, constitutional obligations, values, democracy, secularism, equality of sexes, protection of the environment, small family norms, etc. This is the viewpoint of
A. Radhakrishnan Commission, 1948 - 49
B. Secondary Education Commission, 1952 - 53
C. Kothari Commission, 1964 - 66
D. National Policy on Education, 1986

3. Total financial outlay of the 12th five year plan of the Government of India.
A. 98 lakh crore
B. 75 lakh crore
C. 80 lakh crore
D. 92 lakh crore

4. The type of rainfall common along mountaineous regions
A. Orographic rain
B. Frontal rain
C. Cyclonic rain
D. Coastal rain

5.  Which one of the following is not a merit of democracy?
A. Equal distribution of wealth
B. Spirit of tolerance
C. Cliques and groups
D. Mutual co-operation

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