1. Which happens when warm air cools?
 A. condensation
 B. evaporation
 C. melting
 D. precipitation

2. What heats Earth’s atmosphere?
A. moon
B. satellites
C. stars
D. sun

3. Which instrument is used to measure air temperature?
A. barometer
B. rain gauge
C. thermometer
D. speedometer

4. What is the major cause of acid rain?
A. car exhaust
B. dead animals
C. garbage
D. smoking

5. Which refers to the average long term atmospheric conditions of an area?
A. climate
B. months
C. seasons
D. weather

6. What happens to the diaphragm when you inhale?
A contract
B. crumple
C. expand
D. vibrate

7. Which provides oxygen-rich air to the body while getting rid of carbon dioxide?

A. heart
B. kidney
C. liver
D. lungs

8. What is carried by the respiratory system?
A. blood
B. nutrients
C. oxygen
D. waste

9. What do wind vanes measure?
A. wind chill
B. wind direction
C. wind distance
D. wind speed

10. Which is the smallest blood vessel?
A. artery
B. capillary
C. nerve
D. vein

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