1. What is colour of acetylene gas cylinder
a) Red 
b) Black 
c) Green
d) Yellow

Answer: a) Red 

2. The angle of the taper tap is forms due to easily into the drilled hole its angle is
a)  5 degree 
b) 10 degree 
c) 4 degree
d) 20 degree

Answer: c) 4 degree

3. A non-ferrous metal which has property of brittleness that is
a) lead  
b) Zinc
c) Tin 
d) Copper

Answer: b) Zinc

4. The top surface joining the two sides of the thread is known as
a) Root 
b) Depth 
c) Flank 
d) None of above
Answer: d) None of above

5. In a Grinding wheel a term indicates that the wheel is lolurt i.e. abrasive grains are not
sharp is called its__________
a) Glaring
b) Tresing 
c)  Dressing 
d) loading

Answer: a) Glaring

6. Grade of grinding wheels makes strength of the leord i.e. the hard ness of the wheel which
letters indicate the medium grade
a) Atoz
b) Atof
c) wtoz
d) Glov

Answer: d) Glov

7. Removal of broken tap by the help of
a) Pin 
b) Chisel 
c) Stud extractor 
d) hammer

Answer: c) Stud extractor 

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