1. P.K. Thungan Committee related which of the following ?
 A:-Planning Commission
 C:-Panchayath Raj

Answer:-  C:-Panchayath Raj

2. Which is the largest coastal lake in India ?
 A:-Wular lake
 B:-Lake Sukhna
 C:-Lake Chilka
 D:-Dal lake

Answer:-  C:-Lake Chilka

3. Microorganism that can multiply only inside a living cell is _________.

Answer:-  A:-Virus

4. Which Five Year Plan is called Mahalanobis model Plan ?
 A:-The First Plan
 B:-The Second Plan
 C:-The Third Plan
 D:-The Fourth Plan

Answer:-  B:-The Second Plan

5. Indian Press Act passed in which year ?

Answer:-  A:-1910
6. Internal quality of egg can be examined using

Answer:- B:-Candler

7. Who is the winner of Mahatma Phule Samata Award 2015 ?
 A:-Rickey Kej
 B:-Medha Patkar
 C:-Mehbuba Mufti
 D:-Arundhati Roy

Answer:-  D:-Arundhati Roy

8. Which among the following vitamins is not a fat soluble one?
 A:-Vit D
 B:-Vit K
 C:-Vit C
 D:-Vit A

Answer:-  C:-Vit C

9. East India Association was established by
 A:-W. C. Benarjee
 B:-Surendranath Benarjee
 C:-Dadabhai Naoroji
 D:-Mahadev Govind Ranade

Answer:-  C:-Dadabhai Naoroji
10. Under Article 136 the Supreme Court is authorized to entertain appeal
 A:-From any Court
 B:-Only against the final order of the High Court
 C:-Only with the certificate granted by the High Court
 D:-In criminal cases only

Answer:-  A:-From any Court

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