1. Adhar bill was passed by Lokhsabha on ______
 A:-20th March 2015
 B:-1st March 2016
 C:-March 3rd 2016
 D:-23rd March 2015

Answer:-  C:-March 3rd 2016

2. Which is the largest coastal lake in India ?
 A:-Lake Chilka
 B:-Lake Sukhna
 C:-Dal lake
 D:-Wular lake

Answer:-  A:-Lake Chilka

3. B.P. Pal, famous scientist related to _____
 A:-Chipko movement
 B:-Silver Revolution
 C:-Green Revolution


Answer:-  C:-Green Revolution

4. The theme of World Water Day, 2016
 A:-Water and Jobs
 B:-Nature-based solutions water
 C:-Waste water
 D:-Water and Energy

Answer:- A:-Water and Jobs

5. The Nobel Prize winner for literature 2014
 A:-Howard Hughes
 B:-Patrick Modiano
 C:-Paul L. Modrich
 D:-Sathish Kulkarni
Answer:-  B:-Patrick Modiano

6. Which mountain range is known as sahyadri?
 A:-Western Ghats
 B:-Easter Ghats
 D:-Vindya and Satpura
Answer:-  A:-Western Ghats

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