Question.1 ‘Dharahara’ refers to
(A) Concept of Vastu Shastra
(B) Elevation feature of a Hindu Temple
(C) Heritage tower at Kathmandu
(D) Construction method of Buddhist Architecture

Question.2 ‘Mushroom Column’ is a typical feature of
(A) Pantheon, Rome
(B) Parthenon, Athens
(C) Chrysler Building, New York
(D) Johnson Wax Building, Racine

Question.3 ‘AMRUT’, the new scheme launched by Government of India, stands for
(A) Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
(B) Atal Mission for Renewal of Urban Transportation
(C) Atal Mission for Redevelopment of Urban Transportation
(D) Atal Mission for Renewal and Urban Transformation

Question.4 The concept of ‘Dry Garden’ is associated with
(A) Japanese Garden (B) Chinese Garden (C) Mughal Garden (D) Egyptian Garden

Q.5 The concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) refers to
(A) Transit oriented planning in institutional campuses
(B) High density development along a mass transit corridor
(C) Orienting residential blocks towards the transit in a gated community

(D) Spatial design for persons with disabilities along a mass transit corridor

Question # 6 The components measuring Human Development Index (HDI) of a nation are
(A) Life expectancy, Education and Per Capita Income
(B) Life expectancy, Economy and Housing
(C) Health, Development and Per Capita Income
(D) Housing, Health and Hygiene

Question #7 As per the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 2010, the extent of
‘prohibited area’ beyond the ‘demarcated protected area’ in meters is
(A) 50 (B) 100 (C) 200 (D) 500

Question #8 In CMYK colour model, ‘K’ represents the colour
(A) White (B) Black (C) Blue (D) Green

Question #9 ‘Segregation at source’ is a concept associated with
(A) Solid waste management (B) Disaster management
(C) Traffic management (D) Water management

Question #10 In a flat slab, the load is transferred through
(A) Beam action (B) Membrane action
(C) Plate action (D) Vector action

Question #11 Map is an
(A) Isometric projection (B) Orthographic projection
(C) Axonometric projection (D) Oblique projection

Question #12 ‘Indore Slum Networking Programme’ has been planned by
(A) B. V. Doshi (B) Dulal Mukherjee
(C) Anil Laul (D) Himanshu Parikh

Question #13 ‘Volume Zero’ is a film based on the architectural works of
(A) Peter Eisenman (B) Charles Correa
(C) Daniel Libeskind (D) Roger Angers

Question #14 The unit of Thermal Conductivity of a material is
(A) W/(m K)
(B) W/(m2 K)
(C) m K/W
(D) m2 K/W

Question #15 A semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque, towards the direction of Mecca is known as
(A) Sahn (B) Minbar (C) Qibla (D) Mihrab

Question #16 As per CPWD Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment, the minimum
turning radius for a wheelchair in mm is
(A) 900 (B) 1200 (C) 1500 (D) 1800

Question #17 ‘Summit Curve’ is a term associated with the design of
(A) Roads and flyovers (B) Escalators and elevators
(C) Tensile fabric structures (D) Geodesic domes

Question #18 As per Census of India 2011, Nagar Panchayat refers to
(A) Rural area surrounded by a growing city
(B) Urban area within a panchayat
(C) Rural area adjacent to a nagar
(D) Urban area with a statutory local government

Question #19 Statutory setback of a building depends on
(A) Building height (B) Property boundary
(C) Width of access road (D) Ground coverage

Question #20 Super plasticizer is added in a concrete mix to
(A) Reduce the water-cement ratio for a given workability
(B) Increase the water-cement ratio for a given workability
(C) Reduce the flow
(D) Reduce the content of coarse aggregate

Question #21 Shodhan House, Ahmedabad was designed by
(A) Anant Raje (B) Le Corbusier
(C) Louis I. Kahn (D) B. V. Doshi

Question #22 Low-emissivity coating on a glazing unit
(A) Increases the SHGC (B) Increases the VLT
(C) Reduces the SHGC (D) Increases the VLT and SHGC

Question #23 Spatial connectedness in GIS refers to
(A) Tomography (B) Topography (C) Topiary (D) Topology

Question #24 In a residential neighbourhood, the net area of residential plots is 50 percent of the total area. If the
population is 8000, the ratio of net density to gross density of the neighbourhood is ________

Question #25 A hemispherical earth mound of 3 meter diameter is proposed to be constructed in a children’s
park. If the proportion of soil and sand for the construction is 3:2, the estimated volume of soil in
cubic meters is ________ 

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