1. Which type of rule is used for marking and measuring patterns and hot jobs handled by blacksmith?
(a) Narrow rule 
(b) Shrink rule
(c) Hook rule
(d) short rule

Answer: (b) Shrink rule

2. During marking. The reference surface is provided by
(a) Sketch of the job 
(b) Workpiece
(c)Marking off table surface 
(d) Surface gauge

Answer: (c)Marking off table surface 

3. Which one of the following parts of a universal surface gauge helps to draw parallel lines along a datum edge?
(a) Fine adjusting screw 
(b) Guide pins

(c) Base 
(d) Rocker arm

Answer: (b) Guide pins

4. A divider is used for
(a) scribing circles
(b) scribing arcs
(c) transferring and stepping of distance
(d) all of the above

Answer: (d) all of the above

5. The point angle of scriber is
(a) 30 o 
(b) 60o
(c) 5 o to 10 o 
(d) 12 o to 15 o

Answer: (d) 12 o to 15 o

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