Question 1 :WHo monitors the MGNREGA work regularly at the village level?
C: Villagers
D: Local VMC set up by GP

Answer: D: Local VMC set up by GP

Question 2 :Who shares the fund of entire wages for unskilled labour under MGNREGA?
A: State Govt.
B: Central Govt.
C: Central & State Govt. - both
D: Public Companies

Answer: B: Central Govt.

Question 3 :Which is the implementation agency under MGNREGA at village level?
A: Villagers
B: Private Contractors
C: Gram Panchayat

D: Beneficiary.

Answer: C: Gram Panchayat

Question 4 :How frequently shall Social Audit be conducted under MGNREGA?
A: Every month
B: Once in every six months
C: After one year
D: 15 days

Answer: B: Once in every six months

Question 5 :For whom was the SGSY Scheme introduced?
A: APL - Above Poverty Line
C: BPL - Below Poverty Line
D: Women

Answer: C: BPL - Below Poverty Line

Question 6 :Which year was MGNREGA enacted?
A: 23rd August 2005
B: 2nd October 2005
C: 26th January 2006
D: 15th August 2007

Answer: A: 23rd August 2005

Question 7 :How many days of guaranteed employment will be given in a financial year under MGNREGA?
A: No limit
B: 200 days
C: 365 days
D: 100 days

Answer: D: 100 days

Question 8 :What percentage of members of VMC should be MGNREGA workers?
A: 30%
B: 25%
C: 20%
D: 50%

Answer: D: 50%

Question 9 :Who selects the Social Audit Committee under MGNREGA?
A: Gram Sabha
B: Village Panchayat
D: District Programme Coordinator

Answer: A: Gram Sabha

Question 10 :What is the national toll free helpline number of MGNREGA?
A: 1800-11-1079
B: 1800-11-108
C: 1800-11-0707
D: 1800-11-1243

Answer:C: 1800-11-0707

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