Question 1:-Acid rains are caused due to atmospheric pollution of
 A:-Carbon dioxide
 D:-Sulphur dioxide
 Correct Answer:-  D:-Sulphur dioxide

Question 2:-Which of the following physical quantity is not a vector ?
 Correct Answer:-  C:-Mass

Question 3:-Give the output signal of a common emitter amplifier having a gain of 100 for an input signal 0.3 cos (200t)
 A:-3 cos (200t)
 B:-30 cos (200t + 90°)
 C:-30 cos (200t + 180°)

 D:-100 cos (200t + 90°)
 Correct Answer:- C:-30 cos (200t + 180°)

Question 4:-The Fermi level of intrinsic semiconductor is
 A:-Midway between conduction band and valance band
 B:-Below the valance band
 C:-Above the conduction band
 D:-None of the above
 Correct Answer:-  A:-Midway between conduction band and valance band

Question 5:-The induced emf in the armature conductors of a DC motor is
 Correct Answer:- C:-Sinusoidal

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