1. What step takes fluid viscosity into account during hydraulic system tests?
- Running the engine at the specified speed.
- Checking the oil level and condition.
- Warming the hydraulic fluid to operating temperature.
- Starting the test with an open flow control in the flow meter.

2. What must be done when changing a landing gear assembly?
- Time the gears.
- Perform alignment.
- Match the lifting capacity.
- Match the operating heights.

3. What is done to adjust a fifth wheel hitch?
- Measure jaw wear with a go/no-go gauge.
- Close jaw mechanism on a test pin and remove slack.

- Measure up and down movement with truck and trailer coupled.
- Measure forward and rearward movement with truck and trailer coupled.

4. What procedure must be done when assembling a twin countershaft transmission main section?
- Time the auxiliary drive gear.
- Set the main-shaft bearing clearance.
- Time the main drive gear to the main-shaft.
- Time the countershafts to the main drive gear.

5. What would cause a double disc clutch to rattle when the clutch is released?
- Warped clutch discs.
- Excessive flywheel run-out.
- Excessive drive lug clearance.
- Clutch brake adjusted too high.

6. What would cause repeated cycling of a circuit breaker?
- Low current flow.
- High system voltage.
- Short circuit to ground.
- Corroded ground connection .

7. What is done before replacing a common rail fuel injector?
- Release residual pressure in the fuel pump supply circuit.
- Release the residual pressure in the accumulator (high pressure rail).
- Purge the accumulator (high pressure rail) to prevent fuel oil dilution.
- Replace the fuel filters to prevent contamination of the new injector.

8. What would happen to the engine if the ECM does not receive a speed/timing signal?
- Exceed governed speed.
- Hunt at governed speed.
- Start and run at idle speed.
- Cranks but does not start.

9. What type of hose or tubing should be used on the compressor air outlet?
- Nylon tubing.
- Stainless steel tubing.
- Reinforced rubber air brake hose.
- Braided stainless steel with a Teflon inner lining.

10. What should be inspected on a chain sling before the technician uses it?
- Length and size.
- Bends and color.
- Elongation and twist.
- Date of manufacture and expiry date.

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