Question #1. The surface speed of vitrified bond wheel is
a) 1990 RPM
b) 2090 RPM
c) 1530 RPM
d) 2100 RPM
Answer:a) 1990 RPM
Question #2. Taper shank drills reamers lathe centers are used on morse taper is
 a) MT0 to MT1
b) MT0 to MT4 
c) MT0 to MT3
d) MT0 to MT1
Answer:b) MT0 to MT4 

Question #3. The word micrometer 19 inverted in the country of
a) France
b) Germany
c) Greek
d) Novay
Answer:c) Greek 

Question #4. Balancing of wheel produces the
a)Good finish 
b)  light sand 
c) more sparks

d) more hard ness
Answer:a)Good finish 

Question #5. Least count of vernier caliper in metric system __________
a) 0.001 mm
b) 0.01 mm
c) 0.02 mm
d) 0.05 mm
Answer:c) 0.02 mm ]

Question #6. Which fastener is semi permanent
 a) forging
b) Riverting
c) nut-bolt
d) weeding
d) weeding

Question #7. What is the proper device to hold gear or pully or lathe _________________
a) Steady
b) Angle Plate 
c) Mandrel
d) Four Jaw chuck
Answer:c) Mandrel 

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