The following are the most common question asked in written examinations (Objective Type) for recruitment of Electrician and ITI Electrical Trade candidates

1. The energy used by a 1.5kW heater in 5 minutes is:
(a) 5 J
(b) 450 000 J
(c) 7500 J
(d) 450 J

Answer: (b) 450 000 J

2. Voltage drop is the:
(a) Maximum potential
(b) Voltage at the end of a circuit
(c) Voltage produced by a source
(d) Difference in potential between two points

Answer: (d) Difference in potential between two points

3. A 240V, 60W lamp has a working resistance of:
(a) 1400Ω
(b) 160Ω
(c) 960Ω
(d) 425Ω

Answer: (c) 960Ω

4. A piece of graphite has a cross-sectional area of 10mm2. If its resistance is 0.1Ω and its resistivity 10×108 Ωm, its length is:
(a) 10 m
(b) 10 cm
(c) 10 mm
(d) 10 km

Answer: (a) 10 m
5. An inductance of 10mH connected across a 100V, 50 Hz supply has an inductive reactance of
(a) 10π 
(b) π 
(c) 100π 
(d) π H

Answer: (b) π 

6. Silicon based rectifiers are preferred than germanium based rectifiers because
(a) Si is available easily compared to Ge
(b) Only Si has a stable off state
(c) Si only has the characteristics α1 + α2 < 1 at low collector currents and reaches 1 at high currents
(d) Ge is very temperature sensitive
Which of the above statements are true?
1. A, B, D
2. B Only 
3. B and C 
4. D Only
5. None of the above options

Answer: 3. B and C 

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